Delivering a professional, trusted and great value virtual office at our prestigious Solihull address Number8, The Pavilions, Cranmore Drive, Solihull, B90 4SB. - £199.98 + VAT Annually

Our Virtual Office package allows you to use our address for your company and upto two directors - a saving of £99.98+VAT per annum compared to purchasing the individual services.  This is equivalent to purchasing 1 x Registered Office Address and 2 x Directors Service Address for 1 low annual cost.

Why use Number8 Virtual Office address service?

  • Unlimited Scans: We will scan and send everything we receive to you at no extra cost.

  • Unlimited Post: You can use our virtual office to direct all of your company mail to.

  • Registered Office: Add confidentiality to your virtual office address.

Benefits of using Number8 Virtual Office service

  • A professional address to enhance the image of your business.

  • Pay only a fraction of the cost as opposed to renting or owning an office.

  • You can use our address on your company website, brochures, stationery etc.

  • No additional costs to use our professional address.

  • No limit on the amount of letters we accept on your behalf.

  • We scan or hold for collection all the letters we receive for free (only if you approve we can open these).

  • Mail forwarding is charged at costs plus £1.50 handling fees.

Proof of ID

As part of Know your Customer and Anti Money Laundering regulations, we are legally obliged to check proof of ID and address. Please check the documents we require on this link.

What is a Virtual Office?

A Virtual Office is a cost-effective way to professionally represent your company working from anywhere at any time. A Virtual Office relives the stress of cleaning, maintenance, equipment and liability insurance, compared to the inflated prices of renting/buying your own workplace.

It essentially ensures your business with a physical mailing address to apply to your website, email signatures, business cards etc to let the world know about your prestigious base of operations. With just as many benefits as a physical office, a virtual office is essential to raise your company’s profile.

How long will you keep my mail?

We will open all the mail as soon as we receive it, unless you instruct us not to. We usually keep all the mail for 6 months before shredding these securely. If you wish to arrange a collection or would like us to forward the mails to you, please let us know and we will arrange for the same. Please note there will be a small charge for postage (handling charge).

Can I have more than one company use your Virtual Office services?

Certainly. You can purchase our virtual office services for as many companies as you like. Please note that the subscription is limited to one company each.

Do you accept parcels on my behalf?

Unfortunately, we will not accept parcels. This is due to the associated risk of damaging client’s goods and limitations on our physical storage capabilities. We request you to kindly look at our FAQ page for more information.

What are your Handling Charges?

We usually charge for the postage, envelope and £1.50 for admin cost. To keep your costs down, we only post the mail when you instruct us.

Would a signature be required to collect the post forwarded by you?

We usually send by 1st class post. If you instruct us to send through recorded delivery or 1st class with signature, we will arrange the same.